Property & Casualty

Commercial General Liability (CGL)

CGL is a form of insurance designed to protect owners and operators of businesses from a wide variety of liability exposures. These exposures could include liability arising out of accidents resulting on the premises or from the operations of an insured, products sold by the insured, operations completed by the insured and contractual liability.

Commercial Property

This insurance covers building, contents, stock and equipment of an office or manufacturing operation against physical loss or damage for an insured peril.

Umbrella & Excess

Commercial umbrella liability policy provides additional protection to your primary liability program. This can cover for excessive lawsuit costs and court awards. This policy is an excess liability layer over the primary Commercial General Liability, Commercial Auto, and Employers Liability. Some contracts may require this excess coverage.

Business Owners Policy (BOP)

The commercial insurance companies we represent offer prepackaged policies for many businesses or specific industries such as printers, tech firms, contractors, wholesalers, and bakers. If one of these prepackaged policies does not fit your requirements or industry, we can customize a package for you.

Commercial Automobile

This provides coverage for business owned autos and fleets. If no autos are owned by the company then optional coverage can be obtained from the Commercial General Liability as Hired and Non-owned Auto coverage. Hired and Non-owned Auto is a supplemental coverage to provide excess liability for non-owned vehicles used for your business. In the case of renting vehicles for business use, it can provide Business Auto Liability coverage for hired (rented) liability as well.

Workers Compensation and Employers Liability

This provides coverage for employees injured on a job related task or activity not requiring the employee to prove negligence. Injury and wage loss are covered for the employee and definitions of that coverage are defined by state law. Employers Liability protects the employer if the employee can prove the accident was a result of their negligence.

Professional Liability- Errors & Omissions, EPLI, Consultants

This protects the employer from service related wrongful acts. In some cases, it may be an error or omission that can cause financial harm or it could be wrongful advice provided to a client. In either case, General Liability excludes this coverage from its policy form. There are several types of Professional Liability such as Errors & Omissions (E&O), Employment Practices (wrongful termination of employees), Social Service, Consultant, Nurses etc. The type of Professional Liability is determined by the type of service provided. In general, these policies protect the firm, its employees, and contractual 1099’s operating on the firm's behalf. There are optional features that provide additional coverage for exposures such as copyright infringement, standards setting, publishers, media etc. These policies can be customized based on the nature of the professional service performed.

Cyber/Data Breach Liability

This coverage protects businesses against financial loss from different types of cyber exposures. It includes protection for first party and third party. This includes network and security, breach of data, breach response, cyber hacking, ransomware attacks, and can include limits for cyber crime (funds transfer liability and social engineering).

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